What Is Braingazim?

The BRAINGAZIM sleep programming audio is designed to relax the mind and body in order
to reduce stress and cortisol production. In addition, it’s designed to boost the immune
system by acting as a catalyst to wound healing and vitamin absorption as it eliminates stress.

How sleep
Programming Works?

Visual Insights

We are here to help you feel better.


Improve your sleep with our program and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. Get the rest you deserve!

Less Stress

Our program will help you feel less stressed, so you can focus on what truly matters.


Develop mindfulness skills and boost well-being with our program. Take a step towards inner peace today.

What transformations take place in
your brain when exposed to binaural beats and sound frequencies ?

Listening to binaural beats and sound frequencies prompts your brain to
synchronize its electrical activity with the frequency of the auditory stimulus,
influencing various brainwave states associated with relaxation, focus,
creativity, and sleep.

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Adults, Teen, Children & Pregnant



Adults, Teen, Children & Pregnant

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